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What is LN.NET?

LN.NET is communication framework that enables exposing arbitrary functionality of Infor LN application as Web API. It acts as a bridge between Infor LN application server and Internet. For communication with Internet, standard technologies HTTP(S) and syntax JSON/REST are used. Using LN.NET framework, Infor LN developers are able to write arbitrary API without any knowledge about Web API technologies.

How LN.NET works?

LN.NET was designed with both, Infor LN developers and web developers in mind. Developing in Infor LN requires deep knowledge of its arhitecture, data model and 3GL/4GL business programming language, named BaanC. On the other side, web development, using modern languages as Java, Javascript, Python/PHP, C# and others, require deep knowledge of Internet with library/class structures and programming language. There is almost no common thing between these two worlds. Here LN.NET steps in.

Infor LN developers can develop functionalities in a way, that are used inside Infor LN. Without single line of additional code, all exported functions inside script objects are prepared for use as web api functions. And best part, with full debugging support. No complicated headers or description languages are needed.

Web developers only need to know library, function names with parameters. For invoking function, creating HTTP(S) request with payload structure of function parameters is needed and web api is ready to use. Also, for debugging/testing APIs, regular tools as Postman or similar REST/HTTP tools can be used

Do you want to streamline processes  and improve efficiency with real-time, 2-way communication between Infor LN and other third systems?

Build a bridge with LN.NET now!

Where to use LN.NET?

The solution is developed for Infor LN users who want to integrate their ERP system with any external system in a simple and centralized manner. LN.NET is used as communication framework for all products that need external communication with Infor LN.

  • WMS integration
  • B2B/B2C integration
  • CRM integration
  • IOT/Industry 4.0 integration
  • mailing/marketing systems
  • other custom integrations

Why integrate with LN.NET?

One of the most significant advantage is the ease of implementing any kind of integration. Users can, independently of Infor LN service providers, implement integration with any external systems. When you build a bridge between your ERP and third-system you obtain a lot of benefits that leads to higher efficiency and success.





  • improved data accuracy
  • reduced duplication errors
  • increased speed and productivity
  • real time reporting
  • reduced operational costs
  • streamlined processes
  • reduced manual data entry
  • saved time and effort
  • improved decision – making
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