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What is mobiExpert WMS?

The mobiExpert WMS information system is a complete mobile support for the company’s warehouse operations. A solution is fully integrated into the Infor LN system. The essential functionality is the use of mobile terminals for on-line data acquisition by scanning different types of bar codes or RFID tags. This way of data input means fast, precise and paperless material operations in warehouses. Into the system is also integrated wireless printing of logistic labels and others business documents.

The solution is designed to optimize processes, as a smooth and efficient management of the quantity and variety of goods in the company means optimal use of time, people, equipment and space.

  • integrated solution within the Infor LN system
  • automatic on line capture of barcode, QR code or RFID tags using mobile terminals
  • system supports all warehouse processes
  • automation of more complex warehouse processes
  • traceability of inventories in real time
  • integrated printing of logistics labels and other business documents


The mobiExpert WMS information system supports all processes that take place in the warehouse. In addition to the basic inbounding / outbounding functionality, it also enables transfers between locations, monitoring the occupancy of pallets, dispatching customers, implementing inventory and more.

MobiExpert WMS carries out tasks provided by basic ERP system (Infor LN). MobiExpert WMS processes and executes these tasks (pick-up, storage, delivery, shipping and transport) directly via mobile terminals and immediately sends feedback back to the Infor LN.

By using mobiExpert WMS and advanced technology in the form of mobile terminals, the data are entered only once. In all subsequent phases, however, these data are only used, checked and controlled. This method eliminates multiple rewriting, prevents errors, and allows instant data comparison. This provides the business system with reliable data for further processing.

  • receiving from supplier or production
  • put away of goods on specific location
  • cross docking
  • picking to fulfill customer orders
  • packing and loading for dispatching
  • recognition of inventory on locations
  • inventory transfer from one location to another
  • cycle counting inventory

Performance technology

The key technical challenge was the integration of mobile terminals with Infor LN. System mobiExpert WMS is entirely based on standard open HTTP protocols. Mobile terminals using these protocols can access any software building blocks in Infor LN architecture such as BaanSQL / Enterprise SQL, DAL2 and functions within objects. Into the system implemented powerful buffering data on the server and use of open connections to Infor LN ensures reaching the maximum performance of the mobiExpertWMS solution.

Minimal technical requirements

server Infor LN:
  • Infor LN Tools FP8 or newer
  • Infor LN Application 10.2. or newer
  • recommended configuration of Infor
server mobiExpert WMS:
  • Windows, linux server
  • memory 8GB
  • hard disk 1 GB
mobile terminals:
  • operating system Win Ce/ Android
  • built-in barcode / RF-ID tags reader with »datawedge« interface for data capture
  • manufacturers: Zebra, Motorola, Symbol, Intermec, Teklogix, Psion

Do you want to get total real-time control over your inventory, maximize productivity and save time on activities in your warehouse?

Start working with mobiExpert WMS now!

Why to use mobiExpert WMS?

The mobiExpert WMS is fully integrated flexible information system on platform Infor LN. A key advantage is in an open configuration architecture of the system, which enables personalization of the user experience and automation of processes in the warehouse.




  • fully integrated into Infor LN
  • easy to use and implement
  • user configurable solution
  • fast and accurate mobile data capture
  • automation of more complex warehouse processes
  • paperless warehousing
  • higher efficiency of workers
  • lower wastage and retention
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