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What is assetTracker?

AssetTracker is an information system that enables to perform an mobile inventory of fixed assets. As into Infor LN integrated solution is an ideal tool for performing inventory of fixed assets in combination with functionalities of basic ERP system. Identification of fixed assets using a barcode, QR code or RFID tags and transparent procedures completely eliminates errors in the identification of fixed assets and significantly accelerate the process of inventory procedures. In the solution integrated printout system enables printing tag labels for fixed assets and locations and in addition to this also enables the preparation of any printouts according to the client’s wishes.

Solution consists of two parts. One is into the Infor LN integrated modul and another is a mobile app for conducting an inventory of fixed assets using mobile terminals with a built-in barcode reader or RFID tag.

  • tag existing or new fixed assets and locations with unique barcode, QR or RF-ID tags
  • generate tracking lists
  • import existing data from Infor LN to the mobile terminal (ID, name, location, cost group)
  • automatic capture of barcode, QR code or RFID tags using mobile terminals
  • transfer assets between locations
  • the possibility to write a notice on location or asset level
  • display statistics of tracking process at the level of the entire inventory or at the location level
  • support to multiplied  and non-registered fixed assets
  • possibility to make a backup copy or to delete tracking list

Modul assetTracker in LN

Access to the assetTracker module is enabled within the standard module Financial/Fixed Assets. Modul includes codes and settings of terminals, and users and allows you to generate tag labels and tracking lists of fixed assets.

In Infor LN edited list of tag labels is the basis for generating a tracking list that takes up the latest location and cost group data. The purpose of tracking list is to monitor the process of inventory with the mobile terminal. All entered tracking data  can be sent to the Infor LN server partially. When tracking with terminal is over and inventory of fixed assets is finished, all changes are updated in the Assets Book in the Fixed Assets module.

  • functional extension of LN within the standard module Finance / Fixed assets
  • modul includes codes and settings of terminals, users and tag labels
  • the ability to generate new tag labels or to use existing ones
  • generating tracking lists and synchronizing with a mobile terminal
  • the possibility of intermediate monitoring of tracking in Infor LN
  • validation of tracking lists and posting changes to the module Fixed assets in Infor LN

Fixed assets inventory process

Performance technology

The key technical challenge was the integration of mobile terminals with Infor LN. The assetTracker information system is entirely based on standard HTTP / HTTPS protocols and it benefits from mobile connectivity with use of  WiFi or modern 3G / LTE communication channels.

Minimal technical requirements

server Infor LN:
  • Infor LN Tools FP8 or newer
  • Infor LN Application 10.2. or newer
  • recommended configuration of Infor
mobile terminals:
  • operating system Android 7 (Nougat)
  • built-in barcode / RF-ID tags reader with »datawedge« interface for data capture
  • manufacturers: Zebra, Motorola, Symbol, Intermec, Teklogix, Psion
    recommended Zebra TC20, Zebra TC25

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Why to use assetTracker?

The key advantage is the full implementation of the inventory of fixed assets process within the Infor LN system. With using the assetTracker system, inventory of fixed assets will become a routine task with more precise, faster and simpler procedures.




  • fully integrated into Infor LN
  • easy to use and implement
  • user configurable solution
  • fast and accurate mobile data capture
  • low possibility of errors in the tracking process
  • automated reconciliations of the latest inventory data
  • free formatting and customizing of reports
  • optimization of employees in other workplaces
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