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Who we are and what we do?

We are team of young, but highly skilled and experienced IT developers, who works on Infor LN solutions for many years now. We started as certified Infor LN consultants in the field of supply chains, logistics and production. During years of customer support we got many feedback what users need and miss about their ERP system.

With high motivation and devotion to our work we developed additional program extensions for Infor LN, which the system itself does not cover. These extensions are developed with Infor ERP LN development tools and are fully integrated into Infor LN.

Solutions we have

Using many years of experience in the implementation of WMS systems and the excellent knowledge of the ERP system Infor LN, we developed the mobiExpert WMS.

The mobiExpert WMS informational system represents a complete mobile support for the WMS management of the company. It is an integrated solution into the Infor LN ERP system. The essential functionality is the use of mobile terminals for on-line data acquisition by scanning bar codes, QR codes or RFID tags. The result of using our solution is fast and accurate data input and paperless material operations in warehouses.

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Performing inventory of fixed assets with help of mobile terminals, which have built-in barcode readers or RFID tags, speeds up the inventory process itself and eliminates errors in the identification of fixed assets.

With this purpose, we have developed assetTracker – information system, which enables easy and quick inventory of the fixed assets and is fully integrated into the Infor LN ERP system.

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Today e-commerce is the fastest growing channel for many customers in mid-market distribution. These e-commerce solutions are often disconnected from the company’s primary ERP application – where accounting, inventory management, and order processing live.

Integration of complex ERP solutions with e-commerce is always a challenge. With years of experience and in-house developed communication framework LN.NET, we prepared a simple end elegant interface to integrate arbitrary e-commerce solution with Infor LN.

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Companies are becoming more and more aware that corporate image is an important element of successful business and market visibility. One of the elements of this image are certainly all business documents with which the company is facing in its work. These documents must be visually consistent with each other, despite their different areas of origin. And that is not an easy work.

That’s why we developed smartReports  –  a solution that can customize your ERP documents in any way, save them in any formats and distribute through multiple channels.

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The integration of various information systems has become a very important element in achieving high efficiency and cost-effectiveness for each company or organization.

For the purpose of integrating the Infor LN with other optional information systems, we developed a solution called smartAPI, through which integration can be performed completely independently or with the help of a system vendor.

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Why choose us?

Fully Integrated Solutions

Fully integrated solutions

All solutions are fully integrated into the Infor LN.  As extensions of basic ERP they bring more functionalities and better performance.

Winning Functionalities

Winning functionalities

Every solution includes functionalities not supported in the basic ERP. Powerful Infor LN extended with our solutions is a winning combination.

Easy To Implement And To Use

Easy to implement and to use

The main guideline in designing our solutions is to develop a user-friendly solution that is easy to implement for users and administrators.

Custumer Support

Custumer support

Solution comes always with customer support. Whenever users have a question or need some other support, our team is there to help and to advise.

Who already trust us?

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